Many companies have saved thousands of pounds by choosing our engineering and advanced technology noise solutions instead of common types of noise reduction solution. Our specialist solutions have been applied to many different types of industrial machine and factory. Below are just a few examples.

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Industrial Noise Reduction Examples

Air Jets: Our engineering solutions have produced noise reductions of 7 – 15 dBA on many different compressed air jets. In each case, the solution reduced compressed air and energy consumption as well as noise.

Air Knife: A noise reduction of 11 dBA was achieved on an industrial air knife using air flow modifications plus a specialist silencer. This reduced worker noise levels from 93 dBA to 82 dBA.

Belt noise: Engineering solutions have reduced belt noise by 10 – 12 dBA on many different types of machine.

Blow mould machine: A minor, low cost engineering solution gave a noise reduction of 7 – 9 dBA on a range of different blow mould machines.

Blowers: We have achieved noise reductions of 13 – 15 dBA on many different industrial blowers and extractor fans.

Cardboard machines: Small engineering modifications provided a noise reduction of 9 dBA on cardboard slitter and cutter machines.

CNC machines: Successfully reducing CNC machine noise by 9 – 10 dBA using a low cost noise control method.

Compressor: A purpose-designed solution gave noise reductions of 6 – 10 dBA on many different compressors.

Compressed air: Suppression of the noise at source gave a 15 dBA noise reduction for compressed air nozzles used to dry cans in the drinks industry. See air jets.

Cyclone: An advanced technology solution was applied to several cyclones, reducing the noise by 21 dBA. The total cost was about £200 per cyclone.

Drier: A typical noise reduction of 10 – 11 dBA has been achieved on many driers.

Electric motor: Noise reductions of about 10 dBA have been achieved on a many different electric motors using specialist silencers designed by our engineers.

Extruder: An engineering noise control solution was used to reduce the noise of plastic extruders by 5 dBA.

Fan noise reduction: Sometimes, a simple silencer is all that is needed to reduce fan noise. However, in some cases, a silencer is not the best solution, either because it does not provide enough noise reduction or because it reduces fan performance too much. In cases like this, we have used engineering or advanced technology to produce high noise reductions with little or no loss of fan performance. This type of solution has produced overall noise reductions of up to 17 dBA, and where there is a fan “hum” or “whine”, it has reduced the “hum” or “whine” by up to 22 – 27 dB.

Filling machine: Engineering modifications fitted to a filling machine in the drinks industry reduced the noise by 7 – 11 dBA at low cost.

Food chopper: A noise reduction of 22 dBA was achieved on food chopping machines using a purpose-designed engineering solution. We carry out a lot of work for the food industry plus the drink and pharmaceutical industries because our engineering and advanced solutions are suited to their strict hygiene requirements.

Hydraulic mixer: An engineering noise solution for a hydraulic mixer reduced the noise by 7 dBA at very low cost.

Hydraulic pump: We were able to reduce the noise from a large hydraulic pump and its pipes by 15 – 17 dBA using low cost engineering modifications. This lowered noise levels from 97 dBA to 80 – 82 dBA.

Impact noise: Low cost engineering noise solutions have been used to reduce impact noise by 7 – 11 dBA on a very wide variety of machinery, equipment, chutes, etc.

Lathe: Engineering noise suppression solutions have achieved noise reductions of 7 – 8 dBA on many different lathes.

Mixer: A noise reduction of 6 – 17 dBA has been achieved on various types of mixer.

Paint booth: Small engineering modifications were applied to reduce paint booth noise by 3 – 6 dBA without impairing extraction performance. This was achieved at very low cost.

Pipe noise: A company that installs compressors and pipes was spending a lot of money on lagging to reduce pipe noise. Our engineering solution achieved a much higher noise reduction at much lower cost. On average, it provided savings of about £5000 on each site where the compressor equipment was installed.

Planer & thicknesser: Low cost engineering modifications that suppress the noise at source have provided noise reductions of 8 -13 dBA on a variety of wood planer & thicknesser machines.

Press: Low cost engineering solutions have been applied to many different power and turret presses, achieving noise reductions of 7 to 11 dBA at low cost.

Pump: See hydraulic pumps and vacuum pumps.

Saw: Noise reductions of 5 – 8 dBA have been achieved on many saws at very low cost using various engineering noise control solutions.

Stitcher: A low cost engineering noise solution achieved a 5 – 7 dBA noise reduction on numerous stitching machines, reducing workers’ noise below 80 dBA.

Trim extraction fan: Noise from a trim extraction fan was reduced by 8 dBA at very low cost. This lowered workers’ noise to 81 dBA.

Vacuum pump: Engineering noise solutions have been used to suppress the noise from many different types of vacuum pump, typically achieving noise reductions of 7 – 8 dBA.

Vibrating bowl feeder: Small engineering modifications reduced the noise on several vibrating bowl feeders by 12 dBA at very low cost.

Vibrator and vibrating conveyor, separator, weigher, feeder: Our noise solutions have produced noise reductions of 10 – 11 dBA on a wide variety of vibrators and vibrating factory equipment including separators, weighers, feeders, conveyors, etc.

Vibratory deburrer: An engineering noise solution provided a noise reduction of 7 dBA on vibratory deburrer machines, reducing workers’ noise to 83 dBA.

Weigher – Multi-head: Our engineering noise control solution has reduced noise on multi-head weighers by 10 – 15 dBA at low cost – without impairing durability.  This noise suppression method has been applied successfully to many multi-head weigher machines in food, plastics and other types of industry.

Our company has applied advanced technology and engineering noise control solutions to many other types of manufacturing machine and problem in addition to those listed above.  For more details or a quote for an industrial noise control solution, please click on contact us about noise reduction solutions.  

We provide industrial noise reduction services throughout the UK.