Many companies have benefited from large cost savings by choosing us to solve their industrial noise nuisance problems. We achieve large cost savings by accurately pinpointing the cause of the nuisance, then applying noise abatement solutions that use advanced technology or engineering techniques.

As well as reducing the cost, advanced and engineering solutions often provide a much higher noise reduction than common noise abatement solutions such as an acoustic enclosure, noise barrier or silencer.


Nearby residents immediately complained of noise nuisance as soon as a company installed two new extract fans outside their factory. A specialist noise control company recommended acoustic enclosures, and fitted one over each fan at a cost of £6000. But these failed to solve the problem. So the noise reduction company installed a large acoustic screen as well. This cost £8000, but still failed to solve the problem.

Then the company came to us for help. We found that the cause of the noise nuisance was a low frequency fan drone, and we used advanced technology to suppress it at source. This was so successful that it made the fans completely inaudible at the nearest house, and noise nuisance complaints immediately ceased.

Our noise control solution reduced the noise drone by 13 dB more than had been achieved by the enclosures and screen.  It also cost 20% less than the acoustic enclosures and 65% less than the enclosures and screen combined. Had our solution been selected first, the screen and enclosures would not have been necessary, saving the company £14,000.

Some more examples of reducing fan noise are shown on fan noise control case studies

Noise Source Diagnosis

Sometimes we find that the cause of the noise nuisance is not what the customer thinks it is. So our first step is always to confirm the cause. Using sophisticated noise measurement equipment coupled with over 35 years’ experience, we can identify the cause of a noise nuisance problem very precisely. As well as identifying the individual fan or equipment that is causing the noise nuisance, we can also pinpoint faults. This means that, in some cases, our noise abatement solution is as simple as renewing worn or damaged bearings – a very low cost solution.


A company was planning to fit a large silencer to each of 3 fans that they believed were causing noise complaints from local residents. The production requirements meant that the silencers had to be made from stainless steel. This made them very expensive. So, the company asked us for a second opinion. Our diagnostic noise tests showed that the noise nuisance was not caused by the fans, but by badly worn bearings on a nearby conveyor motor. So we saved the company spending £18,000 on silencers that would have failed to solve the noise problem.

Sometimes there are even more benefits from using engineering or advanced noise solutions instead of other noise abatement solutions. These can include higher machine performance and lower maintenance or running costs.

For example, silencers can restrict the airflow to such an extent that fan performance falls substantially, and this can cause inadequate extraction of fumes, dust, etc. This is especially common where a large noise reduction is needed.  Our engineering / advanced noise abatement solutions usually avoid airflow restrictions and have little or no adverse effect on fan or extraction performance.

For some fans it can be necessary to clean or replace silencers relatively often to maintain their noise reduction performance, especially where the air is very dusty. This means regular down time and maintenance costs. Advanced and engineering noise abatement solutions completely avoid this. They usually last the life of the fan without maintenance or replacement, and this can produce substantial cost savings.

With over 35 years’ experience of reducing industrial noise, we have successfully resolved noise nuisance problems on a very wide range of industrial equipment. There are many examples of our industrial noise abatement solutions, including numerous fan examples. Just a few are given below.

Noise Nuisance Examples

A noise abatement company quoted £10,000 – £14,000 for a silencer to reduce a low frequency noise drone from an industrial boiler that was annoying local residents. The customer chose to use our noise suppression service instead. Our engineering solution completely resolved the noise nuisance problem at a cost of £2000. So the company saved £8000 – £12,000 by choosing our solution instead of a silencer.

Local residents were complaining about a low frequency noise hum from a set of extract fans at a food factory. Due to the very low frequency, a silencer would have reduced the hum by only 3 dB, which would have been completely inadequate. Our engineering noise abatement solution reduced the hum by 19 dB. It was so successful that the fan hum was no longer audible at the nearest house. And it cost much less than silencers.

Air conditioning chiller units were causing noise nuisance in an office. Our engineering solution achieved such a high noise reduction that the units could not even be heard in the office afterwards.

After a company moved numerous industrial power presses into a new factory, they received noise nuisance complaints from 20 different residents within the first 30 minutes of starting up the machines. The noise at the houses was so loud that the company was forced to stop production. We quickly designed a soundproofing scheme for the factory building. The solution reduced the press noise by over 15 dBA, such that the presses were not even audible at the houses – even at night. It was so successful that, afterwards, a resident couldn’t believe the presses were running at night. When assured that they were operating, he said: “That’s incredible! Fantastic!”

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