We often help UK companies to save thousands of pounds when reducing industrial noise. We achieve this using advanced noise reduction technology and engineering solutions that cost a fraction of common noise control products.

Our specialist solutions can also provide a much higher noise reduction than common noise suppression methods.  For example, we have completed many noise nuisance projects where our solutions have made an annoying sound inaudible for local residents after treatments applied by other companies failed to provide sufficient noise reduction. For more details click on industrial noise abatement services.

Another major benefit of our noise control solutions is that they maintain full visibility and access to machines. This makes it easier to operate and maintain the machines. It contrasts with sound reducing enclosures or covers which can slow down production by restricting access.  Sometimes our solutions improve machine performance and productivity as well as reducing noise.

The solutions provided by our industrial noise control company are not widely available. This means we provide a much wider range of noise reducing solutions than normal.  Most other industrial noise control companies offer only a few types of product such as an acoustic enclosure, noise reduction hood, noise suppressing screen, acoustic absorbent ceiling tiles / wall panels. We use these common noise suppression methods occasionally, but for most projects our engineering or advanced techniques provide a better, lower cost solution.

The major benefits of our specialist engineering / advanced noise control solutions are highlighted below:-

    • Large cost savings.

    • Example: A large food company received a quote for £130,000 to install noise control enclosures on an air conveyor system that transports plastic bottles around the factory to the production lines. Our engineering solution reduced the noise below the 85 dBA target (a 6 dBA noise reduction) for a total cost of only £2500 – saving the company £127,500.
    • Higher Noise Reduction

      Our specialist solutions often provide a higher noise reduction than common types of solution (and can make the sound completely inaudible in noise nuisance cases).

    • Good access to machines.

      Because our engineering and advanced technology solutions are very small and compact, they have no effect on machine access.  In contrast, noise control enclosures and acoustic hoods can restrict access to machines.  This can make it harder for workers to operate the machine, which can reduce production output.  It can also increase the time it takes for maintenance, meaning more lost production.

    • Visibility

      Our solutions do not restrict visibility, whereas noise control enclosures and hoods can make it difficult for operators to see the machine, especially as windows tend to become opaque and dirty over time.  Reduced visibility makes it harder for workers to monitor the machines.

      Because they restrict access and visibility, it is common for noise control hoods and enclosure doors to be left open.  This can lower the noise reduction considerably, sometimes to the extent that little or no noise reduction occurs.

    • Improved performance

      Sometimes our noise reduction solutions improve machine performance or productivity as well as reducing noise.

    • For example, our engineering noise control solution for several vibrating bowl feeders provided a 12 dBA noise reduction while also eliminating blockages that had been frequently stopping the machine. So, our solution increased production output. It also improved productivity by allowing each worker to monitor a larger number of machines

Noise at Work Examples

Here are a few examples illustrating some of the benefits of our specialist noise control solutions:-

A noise control enclosure for the drive on an industrial draw bench would have cost £15,000. We designed small vibration dampers that achieved the target noise level for a cost of only £2,300, saving £12,700.

A company was preparing to fit acoustic absorbers to the factory ceiling at a cost of £70,000. Our calculations showed that this would only reduce workers’ noise exposures by 0.5 dBA. So, we designed an impact cushioning system to control the noise at source. This provided a noise reduction of 5.5 dBA, which achieved the 80 dBA target – a 5 decibel higher sound reduction than the absorbers. The cost was 90% lower than the acoustic absorbers, saving the company £63,000.

The cost of fitting noise control enclosures to five small presses would have been £20,000. Our small engineering modification reduced the press noise levels by 7 – 11 dBA. This cost only £3000, saving the company £17,000.

Customer Comments

Here are a few comments from our many satisfied customers:-

“Yours are the best noise control solutions I’ve seen – in a different league!”

“Not only did you achieve a huge 24 dBA noise reduction, but the total cost was £33,000 less than the four acoustic enclosures we were planning to install.   In addition, your solution avoided a major problem with the noise control enclosures – they would have severely restricted access for loading and unloading our product.   We’re delighted!”

“A very competent and very professional noise reduction service”

Our specialist engineering / advanced solutions achieve their considerable benefits by reducing the noise at source. This “noise control at source” type of solution is popular with all types of manufacturing company due to its low cost, performance and access benefits. It is especially popular with food, drinks and pharmaceutical companies because it is usually much more acceptable than common noise control solutions for hygiene reasons.

Our company has provided sound control solutions to many of the largest and most well-known companies in the UK, and for all types of manufacturing industry. We have over 35 years’ experience of providing highly effective, low cost noise control solutions.

Our low cost noise control solutions not only reduce noise at work, but they can also be used to solve industrial noise nuisance problems affecting nearby residents. See other pages of this website for more details and examples. For a quote, or to find out how we can help you solve an industrial noise problem, please click on contact us about industrial noise control.

Our company provides specialist noise control services to industrial and manufacturing factories throughout the UK  – including for food, drinks and pharmaceutical industries.